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Week 2 - Pre-K and Kindergarten Lessons- Reality Ride Part 1 - Seeking Feedback

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(Note:in the Pre-K & K lessons, we are not going to be processing the term “Reality” and instead will be focusing on the concept of making choices that are more helpful to ourselves and to others.  So for the purposes of communication with our students, we will refer to the metaphor as “The Helpful Track”)

The Reality Ride (The Helpful Track) unit will be split into two separate lessons. In this first lesson, you will begin with a brief introduction to the visual metaphor, followed by an activity, “The Helpful Track.” This activity is designed to give students an opportunity to explore a path or a track, evaluate the choices they are presented with, and identify helpful actions.  We will also share a story example “Book: My Magical Choices” and a resilience booster “My Own Helpful Track.”  Each of these lesson elements will help to establish the concept of tracks that can lead us to destinations where we want to be, and lay the groundwork for the next lesson concepts taught in part two. 

We would love any feedback on this lesson!  

What can we do to make it easier to teach? 

How does the age/developmental appropriateness feel for Pre-k and K? 

Are there any other resources that you would like to see here? 



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