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New Pre-K and Kindergarten Lesson Plans - Seeking Feedback

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Have you seen any of the new Pre-K and Kindergarten lesson plans?  We are in the process of rolling them out, and as part of our development process, we are working with a focus group of users for feedback.  Even if you are not part of that group but are a WhyTry user who is working with preschool or kindergarten students and would like to try them out, please do!  We welcome feedback and questions from all our users. These lessons are being posted as they become available and are in a draft or "beta" form currently.  We are making additions and improvements as we receive questions and input.  Please post any general questions and feedback here in this thread.  We will be creating a thread for each of the weeks with notes and an explanation of the lesson objectives.  You can ask lesson-specific questions on those topics.  Thanks! 

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