Rock Bottom Resilience

Rock Bottom Video Resources

Check out this 2 min lesson on how to download YouTube videos for offline use! Frida Kahlowatch videoShort Bio clip of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo that tells about her many challenges and rock bottom moments and how she was able to overcome them and be resilient. Young, Gifted, and Homelesswatch videoSports Illustrated highlights teen athletes …

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Rock Bottom Resilience Journals

Use the journal prompts below along with the journal templates to facilitate the journaling activities. To order physical copies of the Journals, visit our online store. Journal #1 – Reflection Journal Response  Journal #2 – Reflection Journal Prompt Journal #3 – Self Evaluation Journal Prompt Journal #4 – Goal Setting Activity Journal #5 – Self Evaluation …

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Value Stripping

Spatial Requirements: Regular classroom setup; little or no space requiredActivity Type: GroupGrades: 3-12Group Size: 1 or moreTime: 15 minutes Introduction: In this activity, students will identify the things that they value most in life, then be forced to narrow down their list of “values” to one. This exercise will allow students to reflect on how the loss of valued people and …

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