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Frida Kahlo
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Short Bio clip of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo that tells about her many challenges and rock bottom moments and how she was able to overcome them and be resilient.

Young, Gifted, and Homeless
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Sports Illustrated highlights teen athletes who are rising above homelessness and other rock bottom circumstances to fight their way to a college education.

Worn-out Welcome Mat
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A family with 8 children living in a trailer doesn’t give up hope. In fact, two of the teenage sons talk about how their home life has strengthened their ambitions.

My Story: Elizabeth Smart
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Elizabeth Smart shares her traumatic abduction story, and encourages youth to never give up, no matter how dire their circumstances.

Jen Bricker
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Jen Bricker was born with a disability and abandoned by her birth parents. Her incredible journey of resilience led her not only to a successful gymnastics career, but to a realization that her Olympic idol was also her sister.

Imagine Dragons – Roots
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When trouble finds you, “go back to your roots.”

Learning to Dance – Time Lapse
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This fun video is a great example of someone starting out at “rock bottom” in terms of talent, then working hard to rise up and become a great dancer.

Black Hole Water Slide
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Being at rock bottom can sometimes feel like being in a black hole. But Rock Bottom Resilience means you believe you’ll come out on the other side!

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