Resource Resilience

Resource Resilience Journals

Use the journal prompts below along with the journal templates to facilitate the journaling activities. To order physical copies of the Journals, visit our online store. Journal #1 – Self Evaluation Journal Prompt Journal #2 – Reflection Journal Prompt Journal #3 – Self Evaluation / Art Activity Journal #4 – Reflection / Art Activity Journal #5 …

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Tinker Toy Exercise

Spatial Requirements: Classroom with moderate space requiredActivity Type: Movement/groupGrades: 5-12Group Size: 8 or moreTime: 30 minutes Introduction: This activity demonstrates that Resource Resilience is not just about accessing available resources, but about using them creatively and in a way that solves a problem. Materials: 1 container of tinker toys per group of 8-10 Measuring tape Activity: Tell students that the goal …

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