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Bus 19: The Way Up
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Two brothers living in poverty are utilizing their resources — including the support of a positive mentor — to rise above their circumstances and create a better life for themselves.

Guardians of the Galaxy: I’m Gonna Need a Few Things
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This funny scene from the film “Guardians of the Galaxy” illustrates the Resource Resilience of Rocket Raccoon.

A Series of Unfortunate Events
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This famous scene from “A Series of Unfortunate Events” depicts the resourcefulness of the Baudelaire children when faced with incredibly difficult circumstances.

Helen Keller
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With very limited resources, Helen Keller is a perfect example of Resource Resilience. These resources included influential people in society that helped her make a huge difference in the world.

Lais Souza: The Other Side of the Mountain
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When she lost what had become the most valuable resource for her career — her body — to paralysis, this Olympic athlete didn’t give up, but drew on other resources to keep moving forward and become an inspiration to others.

Funny Buzzfeed List on Resourcefulness
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This isn’t a video, but a comical list of people who have used the resources available to them in very creative ways. (Note: There is some inappropriate material on this list. Save a few of the images that will resonate with your students and use these instead of browsing the entire list with them.)

Will Smith on Mindset Wisdom
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Having the right mindset is an important aspect of Resource Resilience. This video shows how having the right mindset has affected Will Smith’s work ethic and contributed to his success in life.

Nick Vujicic
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Limited resources (no arms or legs) have never stopped Nick Vujicic from living a full and resilient life.

Kyle Maynard
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This video provides another great example of using every possible resource to thrive despite a difficult disability and countless failures.

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