Relational Resilience

Silly Freeze Tag

Spatial Requirements: Gym/outdoor space requiredActivity Type: Movement/groupGrades: 3-12Group Size: 10 or moreTime: 10-20 minutes Introduction: A person with Relational Resilience is willing to go out of their way to do things that are brave or even scary because someone else depends on them. This silly activity will help students experience this concept in “fast action” with their teammates. Materials: Cones […]

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Cooperation Shuffle

Spatial Requirements: Gym/outdoor space requiredActivity Type: Movement/groupGrades: 5-12Group Size: 10 or moreTime: 20-30 minutes Introduction: Cooperation and the ability to work as a team is an important component of Relational Resilience. This activity will challenge students to work together in order to achieve a common goal. Materials: 1 piece of masking tape, taped straight across an area in your classroom, long

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Balloon Frenzy

Spatial Requirements: Gym/outdoor space requiredActivity Type: Movement/groupGrades: 3-12Group Size: 2 or moreTime: 15 minutes Introduction: As students work to keep balloons from touching the ground, they will recognize the importance of teamwork in achieving goals. They will experience negative change and identify the feeling of being overwhelmed. This activity will help them understand that success often depends on the help we

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