Spatial Requirements: Gym/outdoor space required
Activity Type: Movement/group
Grades: 3-12
Group Size: 10 or more
Time: 10-20 minutes


A person with Relational Resilience is willing to go out of their way to do things that are brave or even scary because someone else depends on them. This silly activity will help students experience this concept in “fast action” with their teammates.


  • Cones to mark the playing boundary


Before the activity, mark off the playing area with the cones — a space large enough for participants to run around freely. Select two volunteers to be “It.” The goal of the two “Its” is to tag everyone else. The goal of everyone else is to run away from the “Its”!

Explain the following rules to the group:

  • No running outside of the playing boundaries.
  • When you are tagged, stop running and freeze where you are. You may move your head, but not your body.
  • When “frozen,” you must remain where you are until you become unfrozen by two teammates.
  • To be freed, two of your teammates must run up on either side of you, grab your hands, and wave your arms up and down while yelling, “You are free!” three times.
  • If your teammates are tagged as they are freeing you, they also become frozen.

End the game when everyone has been frozen by the “Its” or time runs out. (Note: Gage the enthusiasm and energy level of the “Its,” and if you feel you need to switch them out for other students at any point, do so.)

Processing the Experience:

  • What made this game fun or interesting?
  • What were the risks involved?
  • What emotions did you experience when “freeing” someone?
  • Knowing the risks, why did you decide to help your teammates? How does this relate to Relational Resilience?
  • In life, do you ever use someone’s dependence on you as a reason to do something brave or scary? What are some examples? How is this being resilient? 
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