Motivation Formula

Wind Cars

Wind Cars PDF Instructions Prefer a PDF? Just click the button below and you can download or view a PDF version of this activity. Introduction: Students design and construct small, wind-powered sail cars using limited quantities of drinking straws, masking tape, paper and beads. Students could even compete to see which sail car travels the …

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Motivational Formula Video Resources

Check out this 2 min lesson on how to download YouTube videos for offline use! Autistic Teen’s Hoop Dreamswatch videoJason McElwain comes off the bench to set a school record. Why Do We Fall watch videoVideo comprised of motivation film monologues and clips Energy 101 – Hydroelectric Powerwatch videoVideo explanation of how hydroelectric power works …

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Motivation Formula Journals

Use the journal prompts below along with the journal templates to facilitate the journaling activities. To order physical copies of the WhyTry Secondary or Elementary Journals, visit our online store. Secondary Journal Prompts Journal #1 Journal #2 (art) Journal #3 (observation) Journal #4 (plugging in) Journal #5 (art) Journal #6 (game plan) Elementary Journal Prompts Art …

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Spatial Requirements: Classroom with moderate space requiredActivity Type: Movement/groupGrades: 3-12Group Size: 4 or moreTime: 25 minutes Introduction: There are two things that help increase motivation: First, a passion or interest, and second, plugging in to a “support system.”  This activity is designed to help students see that their abilities can be increased by learning from the passions, interests, and strengths of …

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Swinging Candy

Spatial Requirements: Classroom with moderate space requiredActivity Type: Movement/groupGrades: 3-12Group Size: 2 or moreTime: 30-40 minutes Introduction: Desire, time, and effort are the keys to achieving goals and getting satisfying results out of life.  In this activity, students will use this formula to build a swing suspended from a doorway. They will work as a team and be able to enjoy …

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