Introducing Resilience

Intro to Resilience Video Resources

Boundin’watch videoThis short Pixar film teaches the importance of “reboundin’” when life has got you down.  Famous Failureswatch videoThese famous comeback stories show how obstacles don’t have to stop you from thriving in life.  Christian Moore Discovers the Four Sources of Resiliencewatch videoThe true story of how “Resilience Breakthrough” author Christian Moore came to understand …

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Introducing Resilience Journals

Use the journal prompts below along with the journal templates to facilitate the journaling activities. To order physical copies of the Journals, visit our online store. Journal #1 – Art Activity Journal #2 – Goal Setting Activity Journal #3 – Reflection Journal Prompt Journal #4 – Self Evaluation Journal Prompt Journal #5 – Self Evaluation Journal …

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Most Resilient Creature

Spatial Requirements: Regular classroom setup; little or no space requiredActivity Type: GroupGrades: 3-12Group Size: 3 or moreTime: 30-45 minutes Introduction: In this activity, students will get creative as they try to come up with the world’s “most resilient creature.” This leads into a discussion about what makes us stand apart as humans in our own capacity for resilience. Materials: 1 poster …

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Bungee Cords

Spatial Requirements: Classroom with moderate space requiredActivity Type: Movement/groupGrades: 3-12Group Size: 5 or moreTime: 5 minutes Introduction: This lesson demonstrates to students that they can increase their resilience when they work hard and make the effort. Materials: 1 bungee cord per student, plus one Activity: Give each student a bungee cord and have everyone stand in a tight circle. Give one …

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