Plan your Implementation

How do I Plan My Implementation?

Plan your Implementation

Perhaps one of the most important actions you can take to successfully move forward with a new program or approach is to plan your implementation! At WhyTry we have developed the Implementation Cycle which takes you step by step to effectively plan out how to begin using the WhyTry approach in your organization! Administrators, individual learns, and teams of educators will all benefit from doing so.

Steps in the Implementation Cycle

Plan your Implementation

Step One: Level One Training

The Level One training will prepare you for using the WhyTry Approach by going over the fundamental principles of our program, introducing the curriculum, and modeling the approach (competencies) we ask users to use in practice. The training is engaging and thoughtful. At the end you will receive a certificate demonstrating your completion. It is the first step in becoming a WhyTry facilitator.

Step Two: Initial Application

Following a Level 1 training, we recommend taking some time to become familiar with the program materials and content by using in any setting that works for you. Perhaps you practice using some of the resources with children of your own or with a group of students as a one-time stand alone lesson. You also should ask any questions that still seem unclear by reaching out to your WhyTry trainer or Program Director.

Step Three: Plan Phase 1 Implementation

Once you have become familiar with the program materials and you understand the WhyTry approach, it is time to really sit down and plan your implementation. We strongly recommend using our implementation checklist! This checklist will help you think through the necessary questions you need to answer before you successfully start using the program.

Step Four: Execute Phase 1 Delivery

Once you have created your Phase 1 plan, the next step is to execute the plan. Use the tutorial lessons, toolkit, and engagement strategies in the curriculum to help you in this first time implementation!

Step Five: Evaluate Phase 1

After you complete the delivery of the program, we recommend that you take time to evaluate your results. The data and assessment section in the implementation menu of our toolkit will give you ideas and resources for this step in the cycle.

Step Six: Make Plans for Phase 2

Once you have finished your evaluation of Phase 1, it is time to begin planning what you need to do for Phase 2. Your assessment of Phase 1 will go a long way to help you determine the next best steps in the long term implementation plan. These steps might include:

  • a level 2 training to improve your competency as a facilitator
  • a repeat level 1 training for new staff and as a refresher for previously trained facilitators
  • looking at ways to expand the use of the program
  • continue with your initial plan
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