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Royce Lott

Welcome to your personal WhyTry Community Partner resources page! This page contains training and support resources to help you get started and to grow the opportunities in your area.

Your Manager: Cam Bailey

Cell: (801) 705-6153
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Warm Introduction Form

Your Playbook and Training Resources

Your Elevator Pitch – How to talk about WhyTry and give a brief explanation of what we do!
WhyTry FAQ’s – Common questions we get and possible discussions to be had.
Discovery Conversations – Gap Selling basics and WhyTry discovery questions.
Example Roleplay – Discovery conversation example roleplay video.
Building Your Network – Basic strategies to create and generate new awareness of WhyTry in your area.
The WhyTry Mission – Understanding our organization, the team you are a part of, and what we value.

Marketing Resources

Marketing Tools

Building Your Network Template – A spreadsheet for organizing the contacts you found in your network.
Discovery Conversation Templates – Forms to help guide conversations and take notes

Pass Along Content

Executive Summary – General overview of everything
The WhyTry Organization – single page description of our organization
WhyTry Program – Web landing page with information and a brief video introduction to the program.
WhyTry Program – Single page description of The WhyTry Program
Resilience for Youth – Single page description of The Resilience for Youth Program
Transformational Leader Toolkit – Web landing page with info and a brief video introduction to the TLT
Transformational Leader Toolkit – Two page document explaining the TLT
The WhyTry Approach – Single page document on The WhyTry Approach

Sales Resources

Contact Submission

Demo Scheduling Calendar

Warm Introduction Form

WhyTry Contact Information

WhyTry LLC.
5455 N River Run Drive
Provo, UT 84604

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