Spatial Requirements: Regular classroom setup; little or no space required
Activity Type: Group
Grades: 3-12
Group Size: 4 or more
Time: 10 minutes 

Introduction: This quick attention-getting activity helps students identify a characteristic or trait they possess that could help them increase their Resource Resilience.


  • None


Divide the class into pairs by having the class stand in a line facing forward. Ask them to arrange themselves according to height. Next, instruct them to pair off with the tallest student paired with the shortest. The next tallest student is paired with the next shortest and so on, until everyone is in a pair.

The object of this activity is to have each person find a word or phrase that implies resourcefulness – or Resource Resilience – that matches the first letter of their partner’s name. For example, Andy = ambitious; Susie = sensitive; Ben = bold; Kristine = keeps in touch with friends; Dan = digs for answers; Ginger = gets help, etc. Have students briefly interview each other about their strengths to determine a good nickname for the other.

When everyone has been given their “Resource Nickname,” go around the room and ask each pair to share their partner’s nickname and why they chose it. Then ask the entire class to think of other appropriate words based on what they know of that person. Challenge the students to live up to the nicknames they’ve been given.

Processing the Experience:

  • Do you feel the nickname you were given is accurate? If not, what might you replace it with?
  • How can our positive attributes serve as a resource for us?
  • What can you do to live up to your nickname?
  • How can others help us in identifying our resources? 
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