Spatial Requirements: Classroom with moderate space required
Activity Type: Group
Grades: 3-12
Group Size: 8 or more
Time: 15 minutes 

Introduction: The more we can recognize the resources that exist in our lives, the more we can access Resource Resilience. This activity will have students brainstorming as many resources as they can think of in order to win this competitive race.


  • Several long strips of paper per team (enough to create a paper chain long enough to reach a certain point in the classroom)
  • Writing utensil for each student
  • Glue or scotch tape for each team
  • Masking tape


Using the masking tape, create a starting point at one end of your classroom and a finish line several yards off. Divide the class into teams of 4 and have them stand at the starting line. Give each team strips of paper (enough to create a paper chain long enough to reach the finish line) and glue or scotch tape. Tell students that on each strip of paper, team members are to write down a resource in their life that helps them be resilient. Remind students that resources can include people, possessions, talents, abilities, qualities, etc. They should glue or tape the strips together in link form as quickly as possible, continually stretching their chain closer to the finish line. The first team to reach the finish line is the winner.

Processing the Experience:

  • What are some of the resources you came up with?
  • How many of these resources were external? How many internal?
  • How do your resources help increase your resilience in life?
  • If you need a certain resource that you don’t have, what should you do?
  • How can you strengthen or expand the resources you already have? 
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