Spatial Requirements: Classroom with moderate space required
Activity Type: Movement/group
Grades: 1-12
Group Size: 2 or more
Time: 20-25 minutes

Introduction: This activity will help reinforce the different parts of the motivation formula by comparing them to parts of the body.


  • 1 sheet of butcher paper per student, large enough to trace the student’s body
  • Markers


Have each student get with a partner.  The partnerships will trace each other’s bodies with the markers on the butcher paper.  The students may add hair, facial features, or clothing to their outlines.  The students will then label the body parts according to the different parts of the motivation formula as follows:

  1. Shoulders- Write your challenges, your problems, and a few of the things that are hard or difficult in your life.
  2. Brain- Write some examples of positive self-talk you can use.
  3. Heart- What helps you maintain character and heart, or what are your passions? 
  4. Arm (bicep)- What are your strengths?  What are you good at?
  5. Hands- Who are your support systems? Who can you count on to lend you a hand?
  6. Feet- What are your goals? What can you do to gain opportunity, freedom, and self-respect?

Processing the Experience:

  • What are some things you listed on your shoulders? Brain? Heart? Arm? Hands? Feet?
  • What do these things tell others about you?
  • How do these items make you feel?
  • How would reflecting on this body profile help you stay out of the flood zone?
  • In what ways will these things help you in your life?
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