Spatial Requirements: Regular classroom setup: little or no space required
Activity Type: Object lesson
Grades: K-12
Group Size: 1 or more
Time: 15-20 minutes

Introduction: When we channel anger and challenges into positive motivation, we will find opportunity, freedom, and self-respect. Our energy will be focused, and healing will take place.  This activity illustrates the contrast between being in “The Flood Zone” and finding ways to channel anger in a positive direction.


  • 2 large balloons
  • 1 pin or needle

Activity Part 1: 

Blow up a large balloon part way. Tell the group that the balloon represents challenges that we have. These challenges may make us mad, upset, angry, or frustrated. Ask the group to name things that make them angry, upset, mad, or frustrated. Have someone write them on the board. Each time something is listed on the board, blow the balloon up a little bigger. You, as the facilitator, are in control of how many items are listed on the board and how big the balloon gets. Blow the balloon up until it explodes. Use the pin to pop the balloon if you cannot blow it up big enough. Hide the pin in your hand and try to make it look like all of the “challenges” made the balloon pop.

Processing the Experience:

  • Why did the balloon pop?
  • In our own lives, what makes us “pop” or lose control? Why?
  • What happens to opportunities, freedom, and self-respect when we lose control and wind up in “The Flood Zone?”
  • Which of the items listed on the board make you mad? Why or why not?
  • Why do some people react to the items on the board in a negative way, and others do in a positive way?
  • Is it OK to be angry? Why or why not?
  • When is anger not OK?

Activity Part 2:

Blow up a large balloon but do not let it pop. Ask the group to tell you things that can help channel the anger (energy) from the items listed into positive motivation. As the group shares positive ways to deal with the anger, let a little air out each time an item is shared. Have a group member write each idea on the board. When the group runs out of ideas, let the balloon go.

Processing the Experience:

  • What happens when we channel our anger in positive ways?
  • How do you get motivated to channel anger in a positive way?
  • Why do we need to channel our anger?
  • How would your life be different if your anger was controlled?
  • What kind of opportunities will you have if your challenges are channeled in a positive direction?
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