Learning Activities

Moving Day

Spatial Requirements: Classroom with moderate space requiredActivity Type: Movement/groupGrades: 5-12Group Size: 10 or moreTime: 30-40 minutes Introduction: As students work collectively to move their group from one side of the hoop to the other, they will experience a variety of emotions. They will be able to identify the negative moments they experienced and understand how those negative moments made them stronger […]

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Horse and Frog

Spatial Requirements: Regular classroom setup; little or no space requiredActivity Type: GroupGrades: 3-12Group Size: 1 or moreTime: 10 minutes Introduction: The combination of optical illusion and effective story will help students understand the importance of looking at every situation differently, reframing their thoughts, and Flipping The Switch.  Materials: Horse and frog optical illusions Activity:  Put up the first optical illusion slide.

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Complete the Puzzle

Spatial Requirements: Regular classroom setup; little or no space requiredActivity Type: ObjectGrades: 5-12Group Size: 3 or moreTime: 10 minutes Introduction: In this puzzle challenge, students will address the feelings associated with an unfair situation. They will understand they might need to find their own solutions in life. Students will also feel the accomplishment that comes with solving their own problem, turning

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Bounce Back

Spatial Requirements: Gym/outdoor space requiredActivity Type: Movement/groupGrades: 5-12Group size: 10 or moreTime: 30 minutes Introduction:In this collective movement activity, students will work together in three rounds to accomplish their goal. They will strategize and experience setbacks, leading them to face a variety of emotions. This activity helps students to identify how and when they “flip the switch” in a team

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