Body Rainstorm

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In this activity you will lead your students in creating a rainstorm using their own bodies to generate the sound. This works well in very large groups and can even work with a group as small as four individuals. We have also provided a link to a video that you can consult to teach you how to do it or you can use the video as a guide with your students.


Space: Moderate space
Activity Type: Movement/group
Grades: 2-12
Group Size: 10 or more
Time: 15-20 minutes


Activity Instructions:

Excitedly share with the students that today you’ll be creating your own rainstorm as a class or group. Explain that although they didn’t realize they had the ability beforehand, but as a class they have the talent and ability to create a rainstorm. Split your group into thirds if working with a group larger than 6. If less than 6, encourage them to follow your command left to right.

You will stand in front of your students and moving from one group to the next (typically your left to right), you will ask your students to begin the body percussion you model for them. They should maintain it until you stand in front of their group and instruct them to do something different.

Then, in front of the first group, you’ll begin by snapping your fingers. Wait for the entire first section to follow along and then move onto the second section and then on to the third. As you move, pause to make sure everyone in that section is following your command and that the previous sections are still doing it. At the end of this first part, all students should be snapping fingers. Rotating back to the first group, you will clap your hands (golf clap).

The first section should change from snapping fingers to clapping hands. Sections 2 and 3 should wait until you have moved to them. You will repeat this transitioning from one body sound to another. The sound will get louder and stronger and you may want to even have your students close their eyes between rounds to listen to the sound they are making and imagine the rainstorm. Use the following body percussion cues in the order shown below. Feel free to experiment and add in some others, or perhaps invite some students to add insound effects like thunder if you choose.

  • Finger Snaps
  • Golf Claps
  • Pat your knees
  • Stomp your feet
  • Stomp your feet + Making ssshhhh sound
  • Stomp your feet
  • Pat your knees
  • Golf Claps
  • Finger Snaps

Processing the Experience:

  • What did you achieve as a group?
  • Did the sound you created as a class remind you of a rainstorm? What sounded the most like a rainstorm?
  • Do you have any ideas of sounds you could add?
  • What do storms make you think of?
  • Have you ever been caught outside in a storm?
  • How would you describe what a storm looks like?
  • Why can storms be scary?
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