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Customize Your PowerPoint

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This video provides helpful tips and tricks for customizing the slides on your WhyTry PowerPoint DVD. 


Freedom Writers

In 1998, PRIMETIME aired a report on this inspirational story about a group of at-risk high-schoolers and their teacher: “Teacher Erin Gruwell finds a unique way to inspire her students to learn, and in doing so, dramatically changes their lives from hopelessness and despair to a future of limitless possibilities.”

The Freedom Writers Foundation promotes acceptance and innovative teaching methods in classrooms around the country. For more information, visit www.freedomwritersfoundation.org

For the Paramount Pictures movie, “Freedom Writers” (2007), starring Hilary Swank, see www.freedomwriters.com


Ennis' Gift: A Film About Learning Differences

This motivational, inspirational film highlights people who have overcome great challenges. Many sections are applicable to the WhyTry Program: “Meet actors, scientists, business leaders, a polar explorer, a teacher and dozens of others — both children and adults — who have one thing in common: they all have learning differences.”

To purchase a DVD version of "Ennis' Gift," click here.